Crescent Syndicate QHSE Management System


Crescent Syndicate is committed to the proactive integration of QHSE objectives into its  management system at all levels .We have established standard practices and a corporate culture that promote excellence in Quality, Health, Safety & environmental, performance. This report describes how Crescent Syndicate is organized to achieve its QHSE vision and values, how the company integrates QHSE operationally and how it engages contractors and communities in its QHSE efforts. This commitment is in the best interests of our customers, our employees, and those in the communities in which we work and live. 

Crescent Syndicate requires the active commitment to, and support of QHSE from all employees.  In addition, line management has a leadership role in the communication and implementation of, and ensuring compliance with, QHSE policies and standards. We are committed to: 
The commitments in this Policy are in addition to our basic obligation to comply with industry standards, as well as all applicable laws and regulations where we operate. This is critical to our business success because it reduces risk and adds value to our products and services.


We envision a quality and service culture that enables us to exceed customer expectations, actively involve and empower all employees in the continuous improvement process, and enhance profitable growth. We share the vision that we can perform our operations in such a way that no one gets hurt and nothing gets harmed or adversely 
To enact this vision, we will: 


Our QHSE mission is to ensure that quality, health, safety, security and environmental considerations remain top priorities for management and for all employees. Prevention of accidental risk and loss from process failure becomes a recognized, integral part of our continuous improvement culture.


QHSE, a line management responsibility, requires visible commitment, leadership and involvement. Our proactive QHSE culture will be understood, shared and practiced by all employees as an integral part of everyday business. Fundamental to this culture is our belief that all losses of people, property and process result from management failure and are preventable. 


We will strive for a zero defect culture: 


We believe in total Quality for that reason we certify our equipment and workforce for the specialist in the Industry. Training has been given to make them responsible and deliver what our client exactly need.



Keeping our Equipment efficiently utilized and properly serviced can make the difference. Quadrant Web based portal allows us to go beyond simple tracking by providing the information we need to improve the productivity and profitability of our projects.