Transport Solutions


With an unmatched range of Equipment and 90 years of experience in Heavy Haulage and Multi-modal transport, Crescent Syndicate gives you Cost Effective and Safe Transport Solutions

Heavy Lifts/Erections


Crescent Syndicate has the expertise to offer Lifting Solutions for Conventional to Unconventional loads,with a wide range of Heavy Crane Fleet and Other Lifting Equipment

Rig Moves


Offering a large fleet of Certified Trailers and Cranes for Shifting Drilling Rigs in every concession area of the Pakistan. All of our equipment i.e. trailer, cranes and forklifts are Third Party Certified. 

Water Haulage


We operate double Axle water bowsers for drilling Rigs to shift potable water and diesel to support drilling operations. All POB’s are managed at our camps.

Family Owned Enterprises Specializing

Crescent Syndicate, established in 1929, is a family owned enterprises. It specializes in Heavy Haulage & Road Transport business. Over the years, we have developed a tradition of dependability. No matter what the odds are, we strive hard to provide the best solution for any Specialized and Heavy Haulage requirement of our client. Providing Quality, Professional & Friendly Carrier Services throughout the length & breadth of Pakistan for over ninety years.

The Company has more then 75 Trailers & 25 Cranes, It gives us a total of 3000 ton loading capacity & 1000 ton lifting Capacity. In order to serve the industry with Safety & Quality we Certify all our equipment from Third Parties and Train our staff to work in difficult situations. With over 90 years in the business, as a transport company, Crescent Syndicate is just simply reliable. We’ve seen and experienced nearly every transportation challenge there is. You can count on the right specialized operator, on the right equipment, and expect safe and timely arrivals. The Company’s Fabrication Division recently manufactured an state of art LPG Gas Bowser for M/s. Rehman LPG Services which are running across the country. 

“Safety first is safety always is our motto at Crescent Syndicate. We value our clients and staffs sovereignty and aspire to reach the highest HSE standards in Pakistan.”



Project Cargo Haulage

Crescent Syndicate provides diversified solutions for heavy and over sized cargo. We provide quality transportation services to our customers by focusing on their needs.  .

Rig Moves

With our large pool of equipment including Cranes and Trailers, we shift Rigs in every nook and corner of Pakistan including long moves.

Crane Rental

Crescent Syndicate serves the construction, utility and industrial markets with superior specialty in craning, rigging, hauling and storage capabilities.


All of Crescent Syndicate’s equipment is maintained and serviced to the highest standards, as we demand quality and efficiency from all our divisions.

QHSE (Quality, health, safety, environment)

Crescent Syndicate is committed to achieve its vision and values by proactively integrating the QHSE objectives into its  management system at all levels. We have established standard practices and a corporate culture that promotes performance of excellence in Quality, Health, Safety & Environment.

At Crescent Syndicate, all our employees are actively committed and support standard QHSE practices. In addition, line management has a leadership role in the communication and implementation and ensuring compliance with QHSE policies and standards. We are committed to:

  • Protecting the health and safety of our people at all times and in all circumstances
  • Eliminating QHSE accidents and events
  • Providing a framework for the setting of QHSE goals and performance objectives, and the use of an effective management system
  • Monitoring, evaluation and continual improvement of our QHSE performance through well defined operational standards, trainings, assessments and audits
  • Be fully prepared to respond to any QHSE emergency
  • Minimize our impact on the Environment through pollution prevention and emission control. Along with the efficient use of natural resources and the reduction and recycling of waste
  • Educating of our employees, customers, contractors, and business partners for the safe and environmentally responsible use of our services and products. Also, how their actions can influence QHSE performance
  • Open communication with interested parties about our QHSE policies, programs and performance

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Building good relationships is an important ingredient in Crescent Syndicate’s success. Customers come back because we exceed their expectations.

ADDRESS: 34/A-3, 2nd Floor, Lalazar Drive, Queens Road, Oppostite Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan.


PHONE NUMBER: 35615557-60

FAX: 35610031

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